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5 trends to look out for in Pharma industry in 2019!

Big Pharma Restructuring will bring in more challenges and opportunities for people

There are so many restructuring programs going on and if you look around you many pharma companies have already started to have the new opportunities that are presented by clinical science and well funded emerging biopharma companies. Apart from this, the financial capacity created by restructuring can be used to restock the pipelines.

Growth in Pharma Labs

Continued M&A in the CDMO and CMO business sector, the demand for pharmaceuticals and the medicines will increase. This will see a growth in Pharma labs and growth in doctors.

Introduction of AI

AI or artificial intelligence has cropped in almost of all the industries and it will be a shame if the pharma industries haven’t roped in AI technology for the advancement of the industry. Hence, to decrease the amount of waste it produces and to increase efficiency and productivity, AI technology will be used in the industry.

AI is also capable of making smart and strategic decisions and helps to collect data in a specific way. Apart from all this, the pharma industry will be more cost-efficient with AI helping it.

A shift in the Pharmaceutical Budgets

When there are innovations that help to eradicate new diseases, the pharma industry is not ready with budgets. Hence, this leads to a particular gap that made a few medicines being withdrawn. Hence with negatively affecting the business, there is now a paradigm shift in the managing of these budgets.