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ABACUS — The life changing Mathematics Equipment!

Every parent dreams of their child becoming very successful in life. Be it in sports or in academics, everyone would want their children to excel in everything in life. For this, they train their child accordingly so that their emotional development, intellectual development, physical development and social development happens at par. It’s a common fact that the parents would want their children to work quicker, learn faster and grasp loads of knowledge.

While keeping the other activities aside, every child has to be super-fast in one such aspect. Calculations. Our daily life is filled with calculations. Be it the number of minutes we take to do those 50 pushups or the amount of money we have to pay.

For such calculations, the children need to learn math. One such way of learning math is through ABACUS.

ABACUS is one of the smart way of learning mathematics and calculations. If you learn the ABACUS, you are most likely to do faster calculations. Abacus was invented around 500 BC where it was used as a method to do some arithmetic calculations. This mathematical instrument is known to be faster than a calculator. If taught at a very young age, this can be used to shine in daily mathematics too. Here are some of the most wonderful advantages of ABACUS:

~ Provides a solid foundation of basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

~ Children can do quicker calculations.

~ Makes it easier to understand complex concepts in the subject of mathematics.

~ Boosts the memory power.

~ The child can improve his problem solving abilities.

~ It is a great hobby and a natural stress buster.

~ It makes you think logically and also solve the logical reasoning questions quicker.

~ Makes you more confident and increases your self-esteem.

~ Also helps you focus more and concentrate on your academics and activities.

~ Compels you to mentally visualize the problem. Thus, sharpens the mental visualization skills.

~ The photographic memory is increased.

~ You can read and write faster and better.

~ Easy way to learn mathematics.

Thus these are some of the advantages of learning ABACUS. This is such a powerful mathematics equipments which needs to be present in all the schools. Also, you can buy this mathematical instrument from the manufacturers and teach your child.