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Chemistry Lab Equipment Manufacturer: ALAB EXPORT

Science consists of 3 parts chemistry, physics, and biology. Nowadays most of the students are choosing science and want to make their career in this field hence it is prime duty of the teachers and college or school to provide them with best of knowledge about the subject be, that theoretically or practically

Practical knowledge is important to understand the concept taught in the classroom. So that it will stay in their mind forever and ever. Therefore, practical labs should be well equipped so that students can do different experiments with them.

It is very difficult to stay in this competitive world where there are so many producers for science equipment and make a name worth to remember to work with. And Alab Export, succeed in making a name in the market on which many dealers can rely upon in terms of quality, delivery, quantity, design and many more. There is no need to give a second thought for this name if you want to deal with best. Alab Export is known as the best exporter, manufacturer, and supplier.

These are some different types of products manufactured by Alab Export:

Test tube stand: used to hold the test tubes and we manufactured it in different ways just as round test tube stand, wooden test tube stand.

Litmus paper: used to check the PH value of any solution or material. We are the manufacturer of simple litmus paper as well as universal PH (litmus) paper.

Test tube holder: use to hold the hot test tube.

Watch glasses: used to hold the solid while being weighed and it is also used to cover the beaker

Spatula: used to take the solid substances from the bottle. We manufactured it with different material and shape such as a wooden spatula, steel spatula etc.

Funnel: used to direct the solution directly into the bottle without spilling it.

There are so many chemistry laboratory equipments manufactured by us. To get to know all those, visit our website.

Alab Export: a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Alab Export Export came in existence in 1954, is an industry of manufacturing and supplying of the scientific lab equipment and instruments. We deal with the latest state-of-art technology and infrastructure to manufacture the quality product as per ISO certifications. We take after strict quality confirmation conventions upholding investigation of all items at each phase of assembling gear. This ensures that the final product that will be of brilliant quality and as per the customer’s satisfaction.

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