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Choosing Qualty Scientific Instruments For Education

Science originated the day Man discovered fire. The human civilization has progressed leaps and bounds with the advent of the technological revolution. With time, the Scientific Instruments needed to conduct increasingly complex experiments, in advancing our knowledge, have become more specialized and need for high performance equipments paramount. We at Alab Export believe in high precision, affordable Science. Alab Export is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Scientific and Laboratory equipments.

With a diverse portfolio offering Scientific Equipments in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering, Alab Export is a one-stop shop for all types of Science and Precision equipments needed for Educational Purpose in schools and colleges, For Testing Purpose in Research Labs and various industries like:-

-Life Sciences







-Food and Beverage



The reason why Alab Export is a dominant player in the field of Scientific Equipments is because we truly believe that ‘Customer is the King’. We have products to cater to each and every demand of the scientific community, right from Safety Goggles to Electronic Balance Analytical, from Bar Magnets to Demonstration 4- stroke Gas Engine, from Dissecting Lab tools to Human Body Models, from Van de Graaf Generator to Microprocessor Training setup and much, much more! All this comes at low price with dedicated customer service.

Our Equipments are a perfect amalgam of the finesse & quality workmanship of the olden times and the utilization of the state of the art modern technology for manufacturing high precision, high performance equipments. Each and every part of the equipment is individually inspected before being assembled into highly durable equipment with excellent performance. Alab Export takes great care in order to ensure the quality and design of each equipment that is manufactured. Our products constantly evolve with times, in order to keep up with the breathtaking speed at which Science is progressing.

Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.’ Alab Export follows the same philosophy. With at most diligence and due care, we manufacture our equipments with great effort so that our instruments bring you great success and expand the horizon of knowledge in the field of Science and Technology. We thank you in advance for your continuous support and patronage. Let Alab Export be a partner in your Progress. Let Alab Export be a one-stop shop for your need of quality scientific instruments.