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Common Physics Laboratory Apparatus used in Scientific Experiments

Science is one of those aspects in life which completely designs us or defines the way we function. And Physics plays a major role in it. Now a lot of science students would want to know more about the world of physics. They would want to learn each and every aspect of it, its fields, its applications, its categories and much more.

When a student or a researcher does experiments, he/ she needs to know what kind of equipment or instrument is used to bring out a certain result. Understanding its dynamics is as crucial as learning more about science.

Here are a few different categories of Physics where a wide range of equipment is used:

~ Electrical and Electronics: Physics explains how every electronic gadget works and how we can use electricity to make our lives simpler. In order to find oodles of other things about electronics and electricity, we have a lot of instruments and products in the market. Some of them are Galvanometer, Voltmeter, AC DC Motors, Oscilloscopes to showcase various signals and outputs etc. They all help in various concepts of electrical and electronic fields.

~ Electrostatics: Electrostatics finds major applications in today’s world. Instruments like Biots Apparatus, Electrostatic Kit, Faraday’s Butterfly Net etc. These also include spherical, cylindrical conductors who help to point out electrically charged items.

~ Engines Heat: The whole automobiles and the industry equipment constitutes of engines and heat. To have a better understanding there are model four stroke petrol engines, two stroke engines, steam enginesetc., which explain the working of the big models.

~ Light Optics: Another major chunk of physics, instruments like prisms, glass slabs etc. help in understanding the concepts of light and optics. There are a lot of theories and principles in this field which need much observation.

~ Magnetism: Loads of gadgets we use these days run on electromagnetic principles. To understand the magnetism concept, we have bar magnets, circular magnets, horse shoe magnets, deflection magnetometer, electromagnetism coil and many others.

~ Mechanics and Measurement: Again, to understand the measurement of tiny items and the way they work, we have some of the best products like Vernier calipers, young’s Modulus, screw gauge, dynamic trolleys, balance weights etc. They help in studying the stress, strain and load concepts.

~ Fluid Mechanics and Sound: Physics which related to dynamics and mechanics of different fluids is known as Fluid Mechanics. We have the famous Bernoulli’s Principle associated with this field. To help us in that, we have calorimeter set, Archimedes’ principle set, fluid pressure apparatus among others. Also, to understand the mechanics of sound and waves, we have pendulums, resonance apparatus etc.

For children, there are separate high school physics lab kits where they can directly get a mixture of all this equipment. We need to understand that each experiment and the tools used for it are unique. It is an important part of learning science. Other equipment like computers, calculators, measurement apparatus are equally helpful in this journey of learning.