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Engineering Lab and School Educational Equipment

Educational Laboratory Instruments contains a wide range of categories like Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers, Chemistry Lab Equipment Manufacturer, Biology Lab Equipment Manufacturers, Educational Lab Equipments and Educational Lab Equipment Manufacturer and on the other hand, Technical Laboratory Instruments include Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments and Mechanical Lab Equipment Manufacturer etc.

Physics Laboratory Instruments comprises so many products like Bar Magnet,

Alnico Cylindrical, Resonance Apparatus, U Shaped Magnet, Stirrup, Sprinkler, Magnetic Needle Jewel Bearing, Ripple Tank, Kundts Tube Apparatus, Whirling Table, Meldes Apparatus, Organ Pipe Sliding, Turning Fork on Resonance Box, Sonometer, Glass Box Rectangular, Light Filters, Spectroscope, Hand Stroboscope, Savarts Toothed Wheels, Lens Holder, Set of Acrylic Plastic Blocks, Pocket Magnifiers, Prism Perspex Equilateral, Hammer, Calorimeters Aluminium, Ball and Ring Apparatus, Newtons Colour Disc, Compound Rod, Expansion Apparatus Gunter, Continuous Flow Calorimeter, Head of Water Unit, Iron Flask for Freezing, Hand Wheel Driving Unit, Line Shaft Unit, Round Magnetic Chuck, Lamp Unit, Triple, Large Motor Generator, Cellulose Strip, Tin Metal Foil, Rubbing Cloth Woolen, Flannel Cloth, Solar Cell Motor, Small Motor Generator, Steam Engine with Boiler, Thermopile Copper Iron, Atwood Machine and Compression Balance etc.

Biology Lab Equipment consists of many supplies like Human Heat – 2 Parts, Head Model 6 Part, Head Cranial with Autonomic Nerves, Heart Hypertrophy Model, Heart with Bypass Model, Human Blood Cells, Human Circulatory System, Heart Diseases Model, Heart with Thymus, Torso Dual Sex, Budget Sexless Torso, Effects of Hypertension 5 Parts, Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis Model, Torso Open Back Sexless 17 Part, 2 Lumbar Vertebrae with Hernia and Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc, Skull with Blood Vessels – 3 Parts, Atlas Axis and Occipital Bone Model, Coloured Skull – 3 Parts, Baby Skull, Human Muscular Skull – 3 Parts, Human Life Size Muscle Torso, Shoulder Muscle Anatomy Model, Mini Skeleton, Skeleton with Joints, Human Leg Muscles Anatomy Model, Hand Bones, Bones of the Hand and Forearm, Human Disarticulated Skeleton, Hip joint and many more.

Chemistry Lab includes a variety of apparatus like: Woulf Bottle, Water Voltameter, Spirit Lamp, Combustion Spoon, Blow Pipe Burner, Universal Ph Paper, Litmus Paper, Cork Boring Machine, Rubber Tubing, Filter Paper , Test Tube Holder, Test Tube Basket, Spatula Plastic, Jumbo Clamp, Boss Heads, Mortar And Pestle, Hoffman Voltameter, Troughs Pneumatic, Retort Stoppered, Spirit Lamp, Gas Generator Kipps, Retort Clamp, Retort Stand Base, Metabolic Shaker, Automatic Grain Moisture Meter, Test Tube Stand Aluminium, Test Tube Stand Wooden, Test Tube Stand and many other devices are essential for science laboratories.

We have almost covered the entire Asia and other continents. Our team and their new notions are playing very crucial role in the success of organization. We hope that our goal to cover the whole world will soon come true. Let’s discuss about some category products and their specifications. A range of Educational Laboratory Microscopes such as Binocular Microscopes, Pathological Microscope, School Microscope With Inclined Tube, Trinocular Invertes Tissue Culture Microscope, Binocular Laboratory Microscope, Detachable Mechanical Stage, Microscope Halogen Bulb, Microscope Objectives lens, Microscope Eyepieces, Medical Microscope, Junior Medical Microscope, Monocular Upright Metallurgical Microscope, Portable Metallurgical Microscope, Laboratory Metallurgical Microscope, Stereoscopic Microscope, Stereo Inspection Scope, Fluorescence Microscopes, Student Stereo Microscope, Monocular Research Microscope, Advanced Trinocular Research Microscope Telescope Reading Simple, Spectrometer Student, Projection Microscope etc. There are a lot more produces of Educational Scientific Lab Equipments in different varieties.