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Guidelines of using plastic equipment in chemical laboratories

Plastic Equipment is widely used in a lot of chemicals, pharmaceutical, and biological laboratories. All the equipment and lab ware do use these plastic or borosilicate made instruments because of its advantages. Because of its varied uses, there are some guidelines which have to be followed while using the equipment. Though they are lightweight and easy to use, there are specific guidelines to be developed. They are the following:

~ Plasticware is durable. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that you save and preserve radioactive, chemical or infectious substances in it for a more extended period.

~ Also, whenever you are working in the lab, you are supposed to maintain the dignity and dress code of the lab. There is a separate uniform which you have to wear. The gloves, glasses and lab coats are the uniform of the lab. This is done because they are clean and aren’t polluted with any germs or dirt.

~ Before buying any plastic ware, you need to follow the safety procedure given by the company.

~ No storage of food in the equipment which is used for chemicals and other experiments.

~ Also, while sterilizing the plastic ware, you need to take special precautions.

~ Mouth pipetting is strictly condemned from the plastic ware. This because of entry of unwanted chemicals in the mouth. Also, you never know what kind of chemicals can affect your food pipe if you do mouth pipetting.

~ There is again an electricity safety procedure which needs to be followed religiously. Then the regular overhead pipes, emergency showers should be there in the lab

~ No overheating of the instrument for any experiment. This is because since the helping tools are made of a specific type of plastic, it is not advisable to heat them over any burner.