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Alab Export is implementing new ways of manufacturing the different kinds of Educational Lab Instruments. Our team is fascinating for good quality and fine standard materials for edifying supplies. We are ISO: 9001, 14001, 18001 and WHO: GMP certified manufacturers and exporters. We are spreading our deals throughout the nation. The main concern of our business is based on the consumer’s satisfaction. We deliver the products with very good packaging. There is a huge team in support.

Some sorts of Educational Lab Equipment Manufacturers include sub-category products like Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers, Chemistry Lab Equipment Manufacturer and Biology Lab Equipment Manufacturers etc. And the other hand, there is a category of Technical Laboratory Instruments. They comprise Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments and Mechanical Lab Equipment Manufacturer etc.

Our Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab Equipment helps student to learn a lot about practical concepts of particular subject. We offer a wide range of produces which comes under these standards. They are Physiographic Relief Map, Landform Relief Maps, Fossil Kit, Rock Chart Set, Human Urinary Bladder Model, Life-Size Foot Joint Model, Earthworm Anatomical Model, Shark Fish Anatomy Model, Kidney Model, Metabolic Shaker, Test Tube Stand, Spatula, Retort Clamp, Universal Clamp, Woulf Bottle, Spirit Lamp, Mortar and Pestle, Cobalt Glass and Charcoal Blocks etc.f

We propose Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipment in a very large amount at reasonable prices. There are so many products comes under these categories. They includes Hydraulic Ram, Series and Parallel Pumps, Francis Turbine Test Bench, Multi Turbine Test Bench, Cross Flow Turbine Test Bench, Cavitation Demonstration, Compact Francis Turbine, Bend Meter Test Rig, Losses Due to Friction in Pipe Lines, Venturimeter & Orifice Meter Test Rig, Impact of Jet Vanes Apparatus, Pump Test Accessory, Propeller Turbine Demonstration Unit, Subsonic Reverse Wind Tunnel, Subsonic Suction Wind tunnel, Falling Sphere Viscosimeter, Centre of Pressure Apparatus, Digital Torsion Testing Machine, Twist and Bend Testing Machine, Friction on an Inclined Plan Apparatus, Injection Petrol Engine with Electronic Ignition, Experimental and Demonstration Polariscope, Universal Strut Apparatus and Motorized Tail Empennage System etc.

If you want to grab more Educational and Technical Lab Goods, then Alab Export is the best place for communicating. In spite of Technical, there are Research Lab Instruments, Civil Engineering Lab Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Pharmacy Lab Instruments and other Engineering Tenders also. We can provide you the most excellent services ever. Feel free to contact us for any inquiry regarding products.