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How Did The Invention Of The Microscope Change The Study Of Biology?

It is really very surprising that microscope invention has changed so much in the science we see now. It is really difficult to even know where to start on this topic because this optical instrument had a huge impact on the science we view in general.

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek discovered the micro-organism world with the instrument he designed. That instrument is exactly the first simple microscope we ever had. People had no idea of another existence of the world that was not visible to their naked eye.

Let’s talk about the achievements what the microscope has after being invented. With his invention, he was able to discover bacteria, protists, nematodes, spermatozoa. He also drew animalcules from his own body fluid. He also

Robert Hooke discovered the first plant cell from a pine tree and presented a paper on it. With the recent invention of the fluorescent microscope, the journey of microscopes isquite interesting. Now, we can also see the proteins in our body.

Thus, this piece of invention would always be a systematic work of great and lasting scientific value.