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How to check cement quality in laboratory?

Checking of cement quality in the laboratory is an important part of testing if the cement is strong and reliable enough or not. Thus, there are a few tests that are run in the lab to check the cement. Cement can be tested on the following characteristics:

~ Fineness

~ Consistency

~ Soundness

~ Setting time of the cement

How to test the cement fineness?

We can test the fineness of the cement by a method called dry sieving. This is where the proportion of the cement that is to be used where the grain size of the cement is taken into consideration. The grain size should be more than the mesh size. The sieve needs to be cleaned before you test the fine quality of the cement. You weigh the residue of whatever is left after sieving and express as mass percentage R1.

How to test the consistency?

Consistency of the cement is another major raw material and the quality of the cement. The test is t determine the quantity by mixing the water and the cement and then the percentage of water requirement is estimated. Also the viscosity of the paste should be such that the Vicar’s plunger goes up to a point 5 to 7 mm from the bottom of the mold.