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Importance of Knowing your Laboratory Instruments

Equipment in labs are as important as experience for an employee. And to have a practical experience of the theoretical part it is very important for students to have hand-on on different science equipment. Students can understand more with the practical experience than theoretical one.

Alab Export: Exporter of lab tools

Alab Export Export, came in existence in 1954, is an industry of manufacturing and supplying of the scientific lab equipment and instruments. We deal with the latest state-of-art technology and infrastructure to manufacture the quality product as per ISO certifications. We follow strict quality assurance protocols enforcing inspection of all products at every stage of manufacturing equipment. This ensures that the final product that will be of utmost quality meeting and as per customer’s satisfaction.

Get an idea of things you have in labs

Safety is very important aspect while dealing with the equipments so as the aspect of choosing the right vendor for your lab equipments and Alab Export is one of them which provide lab equipments along with manual. That manual will let you know all the safety and how to use those equipment effectively.

Alab Export expertise

Industry has wider range of equipment such as test tube, beaker, ring stand, cork, rubber, distillation equipment, geometrical shapes, abacus rack, circle fraction, clock face dials, clock stamps, abacus,flasks, bunsen burners, funnels, slides, petri-dishes and many more.

Advanced your lab with us

We have earn a respectable name in the market on which you can rely upon. Even we can help and assist to buy and set up the right equipment for your lab. We supply affordable, durable, reliable and quality equipment. Hence, if you are thinking of advancing your lab then of course you can rely upon Alab Export.

Eminent hired hand

Organization consist of team who keep on working for the customer’s satisfaction. Employees who are highly trained and well-experienced team employed in manufacturing unit. Through our persistent hard work, we are blessed with the cooperation and support of our customers. We have gained popularity not only in India but also in other parts of the world because of our quality products and best customer service.