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Importance of scientific lab equipments enriching students to become brilliant scientists

Scientific Equipments for Physics lab: To accomplish complex experiments with accuracy for Physics mechanics waves and sound, heat and thermodynamics, light and optics , electricity and magnetism labs is not an easy task. Different type of equipments for conducting research & experiments related to electrostatic charges are the cellulose strip,aepinus condenser, conical, sphere& cylindrical conductors, dynamo bicycle & electric field apparatus. Various branches of physics require a wide range of lab-equipments for study & experimentation.

Biology Lab Equipments: Biology is the science of living beings which requires use of manifold equipments by carrying out diverse experiments. To understand the physical anatomy of living organisms, dissection tools to study the practical functioning of internal organs many scientific instruments are required. Surgical equipments like scissors, forceps, scalpels & tip teasing needles are necessary to understand the anatomy of an organism by cutting through it.

Chemistry Lab Equipments: More specific and elaborate equipments are required for the study of chemistry.Some of the major chemistry lab equipments used to carry out various chemical experiments are faceshield, safety goggles, apron, Lab Coats, Balance Chemicals, Balance Counter,Burners, Flasks, Test Tubes, Crucible, Silica, Bell Jar, pipette, filler, bulbs, Cork Stopper Bark, Cylinder Measuring Protectors, petri dishes, Filter Papers, Glass Wool, Beehive Shelves, Combustion Spoon, Gauge Wire, Latex Gloves, Litmus Paper,PH Test Paper, Spatula & Clamps.

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