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Land Surveys in India

Land surveys in India are done by defining boundary lines and establishing the maps and by determining the 3D position of various points. They are normally done for marking the boundaries of some work development on the land. They are also done to decide the encroachments and also to develop some features of it.

The surveyors basically describe the land and documenting it. The civil engineers do it so that they can plan out properly and map the area and the structure they are going to build on that area. Since this is a detailed and accurate procedure, there are types of this branch which is done across the world.

Plane surveys are done when you are mapping a land or areas of up to 250 sq.kms. They are used to define the baselines and imagine the earth as a flat surface. Also, most of the engineers practice this method of surveying. You should note that whatever results come out, they are supposed to be referred to the flat surface of the earths area.

Geodetic surveys are done when the surveyed land is more than 250 You take the earth’s curvature into account while surveying it. Also, you take care of the angular position, arc length and point of interest from where you are doing the geodetic survey.

Now the next question comes is how do you do the land survey and what kind of civil engineering lab apparatus would you use to continue the process.

First things first, you need to decide if you need to get a surveying done. You need to get a survey done if your land has easy access. To know the easements, you have to get it surveyed. You have to get the survey done so that there are no disputes over the property or area. You need to use the surveying equipment like the optec scanner, handheld gps to conduct geodetic surveys.

Land surveying is very crucial before you start to build or construct something new. Make sure your contactor uses the proper surveying instruments from quality civil engineering equipment manufacturers.