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Mathematics is the theoretical study of topics like shapes, sizes, numbers, structure and modification. There are different ranges of analysing among maths and philosophers as to the exact scope and characterization of this interesting subject. The subject seeks out prototype and employs them to formulate latest conjunction. It resolves the fact or inaccuracy of conjectures by standard proof.

When arithmetical and numerical structures are fine models of actual phenomena, then statistical reasoning can offer insight or calculations about nature. During the implementation of abstraction and logics, the subject generated from counting, computation, calculation, measurements and, and the methodical study of diverse shapes, sizes, figures and motions of physical entity. Practical arithmetic and algebra has been human actions for as far back as written evidence exist. The research needed to answer mathematical issues and queries can take years or life time of sustained inquiry.

Why it is important to learn mathematics?

Mathematics is a model for analysing, for producing numerous scientific structures, for illustrating conclusions and for solving critical problems. It is a subject that is studied to deals with real facts and figures.