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Mechanical Lab Equipments Manufacturers and Fluid Mechanics

Updated: Jan 31

Alab export is manufacturing and exporting the wide range of Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments and Mechanical Lab Equipments. We are making the products with excellent materials. Our business is growing day by day. There are lots of sub-categories of both the instruments furnished above. Let’s discuss about them.

Firstly, there is a huge category of Fluid Mechanics Lab Instruments. Interface Unit is a part of it. It comprises a computer interface accessory for utilize with all capture MKII FM fluid machines. The manufacturing interface connects for FM device sensors via Single multi-way connector. Interface driver enables linking to other software packages.

Seepage Apparatus includes a self-contained bench. The bench is applied for trial studies of seepage and permeability troubles in porous media. The device needs a set of models, 230V, 50Hz, sump tank and pump and adjustable overflow etc. Hydrostatic Pressure Manufacturer has accurately formed plastic quadrant, Educational software available as an option and Flotation tank with adjustable feet. The Tank capacity should be 5.5 liters, the height of fulcrum above quadrant is 100mm and cross-sectional area of tripod is 7.5 * 10^-3 m^2.

Secondly, we are giving new range of Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipment Suppliers. Study of A Pre Tensioned Bolt Manufacturer is the sub-category of Mechanical Engineering Instruments. This apparatus allows Effect of bolt pre pensioning using a hydraulic loading system, simple loading and stresses on plane section and many more. Dimensions and weights of device are 15diam. * 37 cm – 12kg, for pump: 40 * 10 * 14 mm – 3,5kg. It needs the electrical supply of 220V, 50Hz. It also requires Extensometer Bridge, a ring spanner 24mm and a torque wrench of capacity 40 – 200 Nm with 24mm nut.

There is a wide variety of Twist and Bend Testing Machine Manufacturers. It allows the huge demonstrations and experiments. The system includes bench mounted rigid triangular frame. The specimens can be distorted up to 25 mm. It measures the Young’s Modulus of Elasticity for three materials, study of bending and effect of distance between supports etc. The dimensions and weights are as follows: 70 * 70 * 20 cm – 25 kg.

Friction Apparatus manufacturers compare the significance of coefficient of sliding friction between dry surfaces of many materials and ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ rolling surface. The dimensions of device are 370 * 240 * 300 mm and the net weight is 14kg.

Alab export is spreading internationally with their brand instruments. Keep connecting with us to know more product details and specifications.