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Principal Of Metallurgical Microscopy!

Updated: Jan 29

Metallurgical Microscopy is not like the regular microscopy. It works on the principle of reflected light microscopy. Well, this microscope can help the researchers in the metallurgy side to understand the finest details of the structure of any object.

But why do they use reflected light microscopy? This is because, the metallurgical structures are opaque and they do not allow light to pass. That’s why, the sample should be illuminated using reflected light only. This metallurgical microscope also finds its use in the study of the mini structural features that are there on a well-polished and etched surface. The magnifications of this microscope is from 1-1500X.

A metallurgical microscope has an objective lens with an eye-piece to go with it. It is utilized well to known and resolve the details of the microstructural surface of the polished and etched metallic specimen.

Metallurgical microscope is also called optical microscope. So, the opaque substances ae illuminated by the use of frontal lighting. Therefore, the source of light is located within the microscope tube. The magnification of the microscope, is completely dependent on the focal length. The shorter the focal length, the higher the magnification.