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Use of Chemistry Lab Equipments in Laboratory

Science is one of the important subject that cannot be learned only on theoretical basis. Practical classes is important to learn science. For gaining correct education of science, it is important to use various lab equipments. These Educational Equipments are essential to conduct various experiments. These experiments may be chemistry based or biological based. The area where different kinds of scientific instruments are arranged in proper systematic way is called science laboratory. This is the destination where students, doctors and scientist perform their practical work to learn and explore scientific knowledge. Various lab equipments are needed to perform scientific experiments. High quality and specially designed chemistry lab equipments are essential for experiment on sensitive liquids for development of possible inventions.

Some of the essential Chemistry lab equipments are as follows:

Bunsen Burner:- A Bunsen burner is a type of utensil used to heat chemicals to carry out experiments. This burner works on gas to conclude scientific measurements. This equipment is mainly used to calculate percentage of particular chemical in any substance such as drugs. It requires flam to perform its action. This flam can be adjusted by controlling inflow and outflow of gases and airs. This device can also be used for surgical operations.

Beaker:- Beaker or a glassware is a special versatile container used for mixing and heating various chemicals. It is also used for storing various harsh chemicals. The glassware is specially design to resit chemical attack at the time of experiments. The glassware is normally round in shape and flat at bottom side. Chemistry Lab Equipment Supplier, supply wide range of glassware that comes in various size.

Normally beaker is made from a special type of glass such as Pyrex. It can also be designed from plastic called Teflon. That’s way it is sometime referred to as a plastic-ware.

Pipette:- A pipette is a type of thin tube used to pour small amounts of liquids. Bacteria in air can pollute liquid chemicals. With the help of thin pipette we can prevent bad reactions on medicines. Wide variety of pipettes available in the market, but most of them look similar as eye dropper. The pipette tubes are normally made up of plastic and it is safe to destroy them after use. volumetric pipettes and air displacement pipettes are two most common type of equipments used in science laboratory.

Many other basic chemistry equipments used in Indian laboratories are food coloring used to display color changes at the time of experiment, evaporating dish used to height and evaporate chemicals and test tube rack used to hold experiment tubes when reactions occurs in them.