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Uses Of Tissue Culture Microscope!

The tissue culture microscope is one of those kind of compound light microscope which has high power and objectives that face upward. They are also called as inverted microscopes. This is because of the upward facing objectives.

This scope has been designed inverted because the objective piece is used to help view the bottom of the petri dish. Also, the culture that is growing on the bottom of the dish is viewed from this microscope. The optical instrument is known to be effective if it has more power of the objective. Higher the power of the objective, the more effective it is to the user.

Also, the specimen or the test sample has to be closer to the objective. Though they are a bit expensive than the regular, plain microscopes, they are very easy to work with and operate. They give us some useful information about the state of a cell by just understanding and visualizing the cell with the help of the objectives.

Also, the early signs of any stress in the cell can also be identified. With this, you can take the action deemed necessary to prevent the loss of life of the culture.

But what is tissue culture?

When a cell or a group of tissues are removed from a living thing and they are given the appropriate conditions to grow, then it is called tissue culture. So, the tissue culture microscope is mainly useful in cellular biology, molecular biology, classroom equipment and also in microbiological study. They are also helpful in the medical diagnostics and research.