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What are the Equipment used in Laboratory?

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Types of equipments with their respective uses:-


Cobalt Glass: It is used as an optical filter in flames tests to filter out the yellow flame caused by contamination with the sodium and expand the ability to see violet and blue hues.

Wire Gauge: It is used to measure the wire diameter

Mortar and Pestle: Mortar is a vessel in which the substance are ground or crushed with a pestle.

Metabolic Shaker: It is used to shake while maintaining optimal conditions for incubating microbes.

Spirit Lamp: It is used for heating, sterilization and combustion in a lab.


Transformer: A device used in electrical circuit in order to change the voltage either to increase the voltage or to decrease it.

Attmeter: It is used for measuring the electric power in an electric circuit.

Digital PH meter: It is used to measure the hydrogen ion activity.

Handheld GPS: A device uses the global positioning system, combining modern geographic technology with a portable.

Digital Multimeter: A device used to take the analog information and converts into digital signal which reads out on the display.


Volumetric Flask: A device used for precise dilution and preparation of standard solutions. It is a type of lab flask, calibrated to contain a precise volume at particular temperature.

Flask Filter: It is used for vacuum filtration or distillation.

Aspirator Bottle: It is used for mixing, storing and dispensing reagent.

Weighing Bottle: It is used for precise weighing of solids. Most of the time the glass used in the bottle is thin and fragile, but sometimes they are also made up of ceramics or plastics.

Dropping Bottle: It is used this pipette glass dropper with a rubber squeeze bulb to drop small amounts of liquid wherever you think they should go.


Auto Level: A device used to establish or verify points in the same horizontal plane in a process known as leveling and is used in conjunction with a leveling staff to establish the relative heights of objects or marks

Sieve Shaker: It is used to expose the particles in a sample to all the openings in each sieve in a stack. It is the result of fitting each sieve to be used in a given particles size analysis into the one above.

Vicat Apparatus: A penetration device used in the testing of hydraulic, cements and similar material to measure their consistency initial and final setting times.

Skid Resistance Tester: It is used for the measurement of the surface friction properties. The apparatus is suitable for both side and laboratory applications and for polished stone using curved specimens and accelerated polishing machine.

Soil Sieve: It is a device for separating wanted elements from unwanted material or for characterizing the particle size distribution of a sample.

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