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What are the experiments that are performed in the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory?

Fluid Mechanics Lab Department has a set of experiments which help in understanding the various concepts underlying in the concept. These experiments make use of different apparatus such as hydraulic bench, orifice and jet apparatus, free and forced vortices apparatus, Osborne Reynolds Apparatus and other important instruments.

Without any further delay, let’s understand what all kind of experiments are done:

~ First experiment is to determine the basic parameters like the coefficient of discharge and other velocity parameter Cv.

~ The next experiment is to find out the discharge coefficients: V- notch and rectangular notch.

~ To estimate the turbulent flow and commercial pipes.

~ Calibration of Venturimeter and variation of coefficient of discharge with Reynold’s number.

~ Bernoulli’s Theorem Verification.

~ Verify the momentum equation of the force exerted due to shape.

~ Usage of manual arm field apparatus.