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What are the most widely used civil engineering equipment now?

There might be a lot of civil engineering equipment used in today’s world. You may have more than thousands of equipment. The mot used are listed here so that you can get a basic idea of them. Also, the use of equipment depends on what kind of work you are employing under the wing of civil engineering.

Here is a small but detailed list of equipments which is used for measurement of different values and parameters that are necessary in a project or a construction.

We’ll first take a look at the measuring instruments:

For processes like Surveying Compass, Theodolite, Levels, Chain, Tape re very much required. Surveying should be done before starting any new project. Even if you are getting some renovations done, you need to still get surveying done. It is one of the most important step in any execution of a project.

The next is the Concrete testing. For the concrete testing, you need to first test the cement. And for the cement testing, you need universal Testing Machine, Vicat’s apparatus. For testing sand and aggregates in the concrete you will need a set of Standard Sieves, Compaction testing machine. For testing water — pH meter is required.

As far as the construction equipment includes a lot of categories. They are listed down below:

~ For the construction of highways: You will need Scrapers, Compactors, Asphalt laying machinery, Concrete pavers, Concrete spreading machinery equipped by Concrete mixers, Transit Mixers, Compaction equipment, Concrete vibrators, Tippers, Trailers, Dumpers, Tankers and some other small instruments.

~ For high rise buildings and skyscrapers, you will need cranes, hoists, scaffolding, tankers and winches.

~ You also require earthmoving equipment for the building of earth dams. Rooters, Scrapers, Compactors, Dumpers, Water Tankers, Sheep Foot Rollers etc.

There are a lot more instruments and equipment which are used. Also, due to advent of technology, measuring many parameters have become lot easier. You have concrete batching, mixing plant, tunnel boring machine, drilling machines, blasting equipment, post tensioning equipment and dewatering pumps. You will also require lots of patience while handling such equipment because they aren’t very easy to use. These is a short list of equipment that is used in civil engineering projects.