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What is a vertical autoclave?

Vertical autoclave units are manufactured with an inbound capacity of 22 litres to 175 liters. They can easily accommodate three to four drums in them. Designed by Kotech Labware, they are utilized in hospitals, dental clinics, food and beverage units, and research laboratories. They are used to maximize the space utility and the control system in it is used for enabling the working of the time you are operating the machine.

They are specifically called vertical autoclave sterilizers because they are vertically designed with safe sterilization in most space crunch situations. Other than that, they are also made of stainless steel wall construction which is used in other configurations too.

Some of the features of vertical autoclave:

It has a tank volume of 20–175 liters. It comes with an immersion type heater and it complies with NABL standards. More importantly, it has a double, triple wall and GMP construction. Other than that, they also have IQ, OQ, PQ and can do the calibration documentation with some extra cost.