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What To Do After You Use Your Microscope?

Microscopes are those optical instruments that help us to see the microbial world or that realm which is entirely different and cannot be seen by our naked eye. Often we forget that every equipment in the lab needs care. We may take care of each and every equipment but we may forget to take care of the microscope. So here are a few things you can keep in mind when you are done using this significant optical instrument.

~ There is something called as scope. You need to make use of that scope in the lab. If it is not available, then you need to inform your instructor about it. Also, you need to be very careful while removing the scope from the work cabinet.

~ Next, when you are holding the optical instrument, make sure you are holding with a strong grip. Grip the microscope by its arm and then support its base with your hand. You should always check it to just be sure before it was put away properly by someone who used it previously. Before you make use of the scope, do not bump something into it.

~ There is a specific kind of oil immersion which needs to be used. Only the 100X, oil immersion objective. When you are getting a lower magnification, remove the oil from the test slide. Make sure to be very careful because oil on other objects or parts will run them. This kind of mistake can be beyond repairable so be very careful while handling the oil.

~ You need to know when to use low power and high-power of the scope respectively. Also, when you are done with the use, clean the cabinet and any oil off the 100X objective. Also, loop up the cord and secure it with the Velcro. When you are done using the microscope, return it to the place from where you have taken it and then the oculars should be facing the back of the cabinet.