Lab Export is one of the largest Electrical Lab Testing Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India. We are a leading corporation for all types of scientific lab equipment throughout the world. With years of experience in this domain, we have become highly skilled in designing, developing and manufacturing almost all types of scientific and educational laboratory equipment and instruments. Lab Export is one of the best electrical lab testing equipment manufacturers around the globe that has set standards in research, development and manufacturing high quality products. Our expertise encompasses designing and developing a competent line of electrical lab testing equipment. Our entire array of products is manufactured in compliance with ISO standards.

What is Electrical Lab Testing:

Electrical lab testing equipment is used for detecting faulty electronic devices. Electrical testing ensures that electronic devices perform well and conform to the various specification and standards. The testing is done by creating stimulus signals and capture their responses using electronic devices under test. The faults are then rectified, if found, thereby making the devices well suited for end use. The testing is done by the trained technicians using high technology equipment that provides accurate and precise results.

Why Lab Export

Lab Export is a key supplier of electrical lab testing equipment. We are known as one of the best Electrical Lab Testing Equipment Suppliers. We offer a broad spectrum of market-leading solutions and high quality electrical lab equipment meeting and exceeding the standards as well as the needs of customers. We have over 64 years of experience in manufacturing best quality, durable and affordable equipment. Our vast inventory of electrical lab testing equipment features the latest technology and most reliable products that electricians, engineers and technicians can always rely on. Our aim is to provide perfect, accurate, reliable products and dedicated customer service in order to be amongst the best in the market. We have established a strong rapport among our clients.

We offer a vast range of electrical testing products for industries, educational institutes as well as research laboratories. We provide a wide range of instruments like as Central Control Panels, Cut Models of Machines, Electric Loads, Electric Motors, Electrical Drive Lab Equipment, Experimental Setup Panel Boards, Generators, MG Set Lab Equipment and Testing Transformers etc. We have potential to supply products in small as well as large quantities as per client’s requirements. We promise affordable prices with timely delivery. We also export the full range of Electrical Lab Testing Instruments world wide. Lab Export is the emerging Electrical Lab Equipment Exporter company.

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