Lab Export is a worldwide trusted brand for microscopes. We are a leading name Laboratory Microscope Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India. We stock a wide range of all aspects of microscopy and specimen collection products. Our product selection covers all microscopes and their accessories for use in research centers, life science research, educational institutes, industries, clinics, hospitals, forensic centers and many more. Our successful transition since beginning has marked a milestone for the company making us a renowned brand in digital microscopy.

A microscope is an instrument with lenses which is used to magnify small objects that cannot be seen with naked eyes. There are a variety of microscopes used today which include optical microscopes, electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopes etc. We carry a tremendous inventory of product.  We are expert and specialize in manufacturing all aspects of microscopy applications used in researches, laboratories, medical clinics, universities, schools, colleges and used by students, teachers, veterinarians, scientists, pathologists, dermatologists, forensic scientists, field scientists, histologists, geneticists, beer makers, and more.  Our product line range includes simple microscope, monocular or stereo zoom microscope, digital microscope, binocular microscope, trinocular metallurgical microscope etc. We have emerged as the top Laboratory Microscope Suppliers around.

The optical and build quality of the microscopes manufactured at Lab Export is excellent and reliable. The products are high-quality modular systems with exceptional throughput and deliver outstanding clarity from high-end optics. Our high precision and ergonomically designed microscope meet and exceed the needs to observe minute structures while covering a wide field of view of material. The key features of our microscopes are maximum expanded zoom ratio, excellent resolution, high operability and excellent optical performance. Lab Export is a efficient Laboratory Microscope Exporters and our products are available to the end users worldwide and we have grown into a global family through our well-established distribution network. Our latest & high technology microscopes allow our customers to keep pace with the future challenges and are available at affordable prices. Scroll through the page to have a look at all the available microscope products and accessories.

Laboratory Microscope Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters in India

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