Lab Export is the leading Mathematics Lab instruments manufacturer, supplier & exporter in India. Established in 1954, Lab Export is the renowned scientific and educational lab equipment manufacturing industry. We manufacture innovative and high quality lab equipment for use in education as well as research labs. We are a brand which is popular as Maths Laboratory Instruments Manufacturer worldwide. Our highly expert and skilled team leaders are leading the product manufacturing in an efficient and robust way which is peerless. We got felicitations of the clients from all over the world for our best and superior quality. Complete customer atonement and clarification is our motto to work. We are serving since last 64 years and have always received a positive response from a huge number of clients for our product quality and great customer service. Gradually we have started to serve in international market and now our company has become so popular for its brand named Lab Export.

What is Mathematics Lab Equipment:

Mathematics Lab is an activity centered place with manipulation materials which children can use to perform mathematical experiments, play math games and solve puzzles, thereby learning and understanding mathematical concepts. Math lab equipment make children solve problem through self-exploration and discovery. These equipment help them learn and understand mathematical principles, patterns and processes based on their own experiences and interests.  It helps students to build interest and confidence into subject by relating mathematical concepts with real life situations. It helps teachers to demonstrate and explain math concepts using concrete objects. The activities may be carried out by students, teachers or pupils to understand, learn, teach and internalize the mathematics concepts.

Why Lab Export:

Lab Export is the pioneer in the scientific lab industry. We offer advanced Mathematics lab equipment of best quality to the market worldwide. We are also Mathematics Laboratory Instruments Exporter. We supply a comprehensive range of math lab equipment procured from the certified sources. We ensure that we supply our customers with the best of the equipment. Our math lab product range encompasses Geometric Shapes, Base Ten Block, Mathematics Kit and Math Wooden Products, abacus rack, spike abacus etc.

We manufacture and supply all types of mathematics lab kits that helps to learn math in easy and interesting manner not only for students but also for teachers. Our comprehensive range of mathematics lab kits include mathematics signs, Geometrical shapes, abacus rack, time teacher, base board, circle fraction, clock face dials, clock stamps, abacus and lot more. Our kits are widely used in schools, colleges & universities labs to understand the basics & fundamentals of Mathematics.

We use the best quality material to manufacture these lab kits so as to endow longer life span to the mathematic lab kits. We are the Mathematics Lab Equipment Supplier across the globe. Customers if interested to buy any equipment then they are required to send their specifications for any instrument to us through email or just request a quote or contact us via telephone number.

Mathematics Lab Instruments Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India

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